Co-parenting is tough enough with an ex-partner, but co-parenting
with your mistress can be even harder. Children are born from these
relationships and how do families move past the broken trust, hurt, and disgust
to focus on the innocent child. I was confronted with this shocking reality and reminded
that several individuals are hurt in this situation.

A child is robbed of a relationship with the other parent because
of the lies and secrets. When the child is exposed, the child may be seen as “the
child outside the marriage”. Parental alienation is highly experienced by the
parent and child in this situation. Children may know that their other parent
exist, but may not understand the separation. The wife is constantly reminded of
her husband’s infidelity by the child’s presence. The mistress may be ashamed of
her reality and push the reality of her child parentage behind her. The father
may want a bond with the child, but his wife has taken him back and forgave him, so 
he neglects his parental responsibility to make peace at home.

So much damage has been caused because of a selfish act on all
parties involved. Families can move past this and focus on the child that need both parents.
Several things must happen to establish a relationship between the alienated parent and child.

1. Alienated parent must be willing to establish a relationship with the child
2. Primary parent must be willing to allow this process to take place, so that the process is not 
3. Child must be willing to establish a relationship with the alienated parent
4. The truth must had been previously revealed to all parties involved
5. All parties must be committed to the process

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